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HomeCarbon´s main purpose is to develop solutions to foster behavior change and build efficiency consumption culture, with proven performance providing services to Energy and Water utilities.

The company´s portfolio combine face-to-face expertise with brand new social technologies, IT and other means of using and conserving resources.


Projects For Utilities

logo-hcHomeCarbon already asserts itself as a Brazilian reference producing best practices and innovation towards low income segment, providing services to international organizations on this field.

Projects In Company

The company has an open version aimed to companies internal public (in company), specially companies highly motivated to build sustainability culture. This version is called OfficeCarbon.

The benefits to your company are manifold:

  • Reduces CO2 emissions and operating costs;logo-office
  • Generates innovation;
  • Facilitates Sustainability Management;
  • Integrates and motivates employees;
  • It builds institutional image of Sustainability.

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Address: Rua Dona Elisa, 02 – Casa 02
Barra Funda - São Paulo/SP - Brazil
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Phone:+55 (11) 3667-2749